Located at the heart of Sigel, Illinois, St. Michael School is a Catholic school providing quality education since 1866.


St. Michaels is a preschool through 8th grade school offering students both a quality education and spiritual growth through the Catholic Faith. Students are not allowed to slide by; they are expected to succeed. We believe in building well rounded students of solid moral character, high intelligence, and skills to become the leaders of tomorrow. 


Father Sunder Ery: Pastor & Superintendent 


Elementary Teachers

Mrs. Meyer

Third Grade

Mrs. Dittamore

Mrs. Habing
Fourth Grade

Mrs. Hootselle
First Grade

Mrs. Buscher
Fifth Grade

Mrs. Repking
Second Grade


Middle School Teachers

Mrs. Worman
Sixth Grade

Mrs. Einhorn
Seventh Grade

Mr. Deters
Eighth Grade

Principal & Staff

Nick Niemerg

Mrs. Mette

Nancy Buening

Portraits by Sarah Deragon

I would like to welcome you to St. Michael School; a positive learning environment dedicated to the education of its students.


Students who attend St. Michael's are:

  • challenged academically
  • nurtured by the Catholic faith
  • provided opportunities to excel through extracurricular activities

Together, our staff works to ensure students receive a quality education. We boast small class sizes, strong curriculum, and lofty expectations in academics. We firmly believe students at all levels should be challenged to use their God-given talents to reach their highest potential.
In conjunction with strong academics, we feel it is important to stress spiritual growth. Students attend mass three days a week along with daily religion classes. Through these daily experiences in their Catholic Faith, students learn to expand their relationship with God.
St. Michael School also provides multiple extracurricular activities. Students are able to participate in athletics along with community service activities. These activities provide students opportunities to build their leadership abilities, social skills, and sense of community.
We invite you to come visit our school, meet our wonderful staff, and tour the grounds.  We are confident that you will be impressed with the quality of education provided at St. Michael School. 
Thank you and God Bless,
Nick Niemerg
St. Michael School
Sigel, IL